A Ca Pella

I think this is something you might enjoy. It’s called A Ca Pella. It’s a video of eight men and women who are singing without any accompaniment at all. Some quite unique sounds they’ve come up with here.


The Neptune Memorial Reef

The Sea

Hopefully, you’ve already read my post of August 7th, “Bury Me in the Backyard with the Family Pets”. If not you may want to check it out first as this post expands on what I talked about there. So I’ll wait on you to come back…. (soft whistling)….(tapping fingertips on desktop)….ah, you’re back!

I hear now that there is a manmade reef just off the Miami, Florida, coast where the water is about 40 feet deep called The Neptune Memorial Reef. It covers about 16 acres of the ocean floor. The reef was created by dropping some unwanted leftovers from life as we know it on dry land into the sea. I don’t know if there’s a lot of technology that goes into this or if the sea creatures just have at it and pretty soon it’s a coral reef. At any rate, in 9 months, the area marine life has increased 60% over what it was, so these little sea creatures must be doing something out there.

The Neptune Memorial Reef has three main purposes. They are:

1. As an undersea burial site for human ashes;
2. To encourage the fish population; and
3. As a “mecca” for divers

So as you can see, here is another way to take care of loved ones last rites, besides burying them (illegally) in your back yard or leaving them for the state or county to take care of. Now you can have them cremated and dropped over the Neptune Memorial Reef. I doubt that this is an inexpensive alternative to a traditional funeral and burial, however. But it is “green”. So there you have it.

New Pain Killer Available for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Hey, Empty Nesters, are bad knees giving you a pain. For osteoarthritis knee pain, they now have a new drug out that can last up to six months to take away the pain. That sounds like good news to me. I have a knee that hurts me now and then. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to give way too and that’s kind of scary!

Anyway, this stuff is called SYNVISC and it supposedly lubricates the sick joint and cushions it too. And for six months! It also is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans as well. More good news!

This drug is injected directly into the bad knee, so they only do this if pain killers and physical therapy aren’t helping relieve your pain. If you want to learn more, you can call them at 1-866-514-3981 and they’ll send you a free packet of info. Or you can go to their website at www.SYNVISC.com/remedy. I haven’t looked at the website yet, but it might be worth a few minutes if it could help relieve pain that otherwise doesn’t want to let go.

AAA – Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms, Silent Killers

Older Couple

Hey, guys and gals, another thing you need to be vigilant for is an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Though anyone can get them, they seem to be more prevalent in men than women and are a leading cause of death in older men.

An abdominal aortic aneurysm, or AAA, is a weak spot in an artery wall in the stomach and can be hereditary and is also more common in smokers. You can and should get a screening to make sure you’re not going to have one of these. Should something be found, modern medicine has a much easier way of treating it now than in the past.

Nowadays, this can be repaired under local anesthetic (if you have the stomach for it!) and only takes about five days for recovery.

Summer Tips for Happy Feet

Douglas Paquette Sandals

We all love wearing sandals, myself included, but we want our little tootsies and toes to look cute peeking out of the ends of those darling new sandals, don’t we. I have quite a few different sandals. Living in Florida, you can wear them almost all year long.

I have a pair of golf sandals, complete with soft spikes on the bottom, some Birkenstocks which have soles that are almost like wood but are surprisingly comfortable once you get them (or your feet) broken in, Croc sandals and leather sandals.

So here are a few easy tips to keep those toes looking and feeling great during the heat of summer.

1. Even if you love to go barefoot, it may not be the best choice outside of your home. A small cut can let bacteria into your body and who knows what kind of nastiness they may be bringing in with them. So wear those cute sandals when you’re out and about.

2. Be sure to moisturize your feet regularly. Going around in sandals can cause your feet to dry out, especially your toes which are kind of out there taking all the abuse, so keep them soft and they’ll love you for it.

3. Keep your toenails looking good as well. Moisturize them, trim them neatly, paint them if you like. Anything goes, hot pink, red, pale pink, blue. Even colors you might not use on your fingernails will be great on your toes.

4. OK, so you’ve got your sandals on, you’ve strolled along the beach all day and now you’re back home, taking off the sandals and whoa! What do you see? What are all these spots? It looks like the tops of your feet have eyes! The sun was peaking through those sandals and browning up the tops of your feet in the areas where it could reach and leaving the rest white. So now you have spots! Next time, put sunscreen on the tops of your feet and avoid the dreaded speckled tootsie syndrome.

5. If you’ve fallen prey to the above-mentioned speckled tootsie syndrome, you may be able to fix it up a bit before your next foray out into the summer. Get yourself a bottle of sunless tanning lotion and make the tops of your feet all one color again. Tan!

Enjoy the summer and help your feet enjoy it too. Keep them comfy and pretty and… well, just keep them happy!

Bury Me in the Backyard with the Family Pets

Neil began digging. . .

I just heard the latest “poor economy” news – it seems some people are unable to afford a funeral for their newly-deceased loved ones and are either not claiming them if they die away from home somewhere (I guess a hospital even would work) while some are even signing releases which then require the county or state to bury the person.

Apparently this is a big problem now in some larger cities, especially, like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Some cities are also facing loss of funding for such things as funerals for abandoned persons (my term) and don’t know where they’re going to get the money to inter these bodies.

Some folks are meeting the problem head-on, however, and are simply burying their people in their backyards. As long as they don’t hit a water or gas main and they bury them deep enough so as not to attract scavenging animals (which may be on the rise due to their owners not being able to afford food for them) or grave robbers (which may also be on the rise with so many people out of work and looking for a new source of income), this could be the best answer.

150 years ago (or maybe less, I’m not sure) they did this kind of thing all the time, and no one thought anything about it. Maybe now’s the time to go back to living a less luxurious lifestyle and making do with what’s available. They want us to go green after all, what better way than to be “pushing up daisies” for real!

How to Stay Cool Playing Golf in the Hot Florida Sunshine

It’s been really hot in Florida this summer. But I hear about all the cool weather they seem to be having up north. We play golf all summer and have yet to have a problem. So I thought I would put down a few tips on what we do to stay cool in the warm Florida sunshine of summer.

To begin with, part of why we don’t get as hot as people from colder climes, seems to be because we have gotten somewhat used to the heat. For example, when it drops to 70 degrees, we’re reaching for our sweats!

Next, we take lots of cold drinks. Put them in a cooler of ice so they’ll stay cold for awhile. A round of golf takes about four hours and we can usually keep things cool much longer than that. You can also freeze things that are in plastic bottles and then they’ll thaw as you go. Wrap them in a snuggie or an old sock to keep the drips at a minimum.

It’s also helpful to take a wash cloth and towel and a small chest of ice that’s covered with water. When you get hot, dip the wash cloth into the ice water and bathe your face and neck. Don’t dry it though as the air movement against your wet skin helps cool you off.

We have a couple of rechargeable fans hooked up in our golf cart. No I’m not kidding. We take them down and plug them into their chargers overnight and by morning they’re ready for another round. We found them at W-Mart in the camping area.

Don’t play in the mid to late afternoon as that is the hottest part of the day. It doesn’t seem as hot if you start out when it’s a wee bit cooler and work your way into the hotter time.

When you’re done golfing, go to the pool!!

Remembering Toonces the Cat


I happened across this picture of a cat driving a car and it reminded me of Toonces. Remember him? He was the cat on Saturday Night Live that drove a car and always wound up going off a cliff.

The first Toonces skit was aired on May 20th, 1989, and featured Steve Martin as Toonces’ owner. Toonces was always shown driving the car, but it never ended well. But it didn’t matter as Toonces always eventually showed up again in another episode, drove the car and went off the cliff.

This sort of reminds me of Congress. Doing things that always end up in them driving off a cliff, generally with our money! But never fear, they’re always back at it, finding bigger and “better” ways to spend the taxpayers’ money.

Dry Mouth Can Lead to Poor Health

Our only dental supplies.

As we empty nesters get older and take more medicines, get depressed, maybe drink a bit more alcohol than we should, and maybe even have some stress, our mouths, just like a lot of things in these older bodies, tend to dry up.

I’m not just talking about having a dry mouth because you have to get up in front of a group of people and give a speech. Or a dry mouth because you’re meeting your new daughter-in-law for the first time. I’m talking about dryness of the mouth on a continual basis.

As with lots of other things these days, a dry mouth is not a good thing. It can lead to tooth decay and ultimately tooth loss or even infections. This is all caused by the lack of saliva in the mouth controlling the bacteria that set up shop there.

If your mouth is continually dry, you probably should consult your doctor or dentist. He may need to lower the dosages of some medicines you take. There are some other simple things you can do as well. These include chewing sugar-free gum, sucking on sugar-free candies, stopping smoking and drinking alcohol and trying not to breathe through your mouth.

See You on Facebook

Yes, I have a Facebook account but I don’t spend a lot of time using it. I did find an old (I use the term old loosely) friend on there last night, and we emailed back and forth to get updated on what the other one has been doing the last few years.

We moved away from our “home town” over 10 years ago and don’t see old classmates and such like we probably would if we still lived there. I’m not one for class reunions either so there aren’t any special trips made back north for that. So in this case Facebook is a good thing!

I was very happy to hear from this friend. But the news she had to tell was pretty sobering. Her husband is ill and has been for several years. Of course, not having talked with her, I didn’t know this. On a better note, she has 11 grandkiddoes which she’s very happy about! I found pictures of them on her Facebook today.

So overall, I’m happy to be on Facebook. I think it’s a great place to get back together with old friends, find some new friends and it’s another way to stay in touch with those you normally stay in touch with anyway.