senior health with the silver sneakers program

In general, I don’t want to know about the word “senior”. You can leave that at college. But many empty nesters do have aging parents and they themselves will be seniors one day. An interesting program came to my attention while working at the Fitworks Fitness Clubs in Cincinnati last year. You won’t find it advertised on their website, or anyone else’s web site I looked at. It is called the SilverSneakers program, a FREE fitness club membership offered by Medical Insurance Companies aimed at senior health. Yes that’s right, FREE. Obviously you must have coverage with those companies as well as be of Medicare eligible age and it will depend on the insurance company. For example, in my state, Ohio, both Anthem and Humana have programs that offer SilverSneakers membership. Anthem’s “Senior Advantage” is just such a program. Not all fitness clubs accept Silver Sneakers memberships; sometimes it is a fitness company management decision for the entire company and sometimes a location decision. I’m guessing that means franchises. You can find out by going to the SilverSneakers web site. There you can search for participating medical insurance providers in your area and fitness clubs/health clubs. It seems that YMCA locations love it. And while your parents are going to their special SilverSneakers exercise programs, maybe you could go too. Consider it a bonding opportunity.