baby boomers — from buying machines to voting machines

Today I have been thinking about how I will vote in the upcoming 2006 mid-term elections. As a Republican, I haven’t had much practice at thinking about it. It has become clear to me that there are two major concerns on my mind, one short term and one long term. The latter is driven by the fact that I am one of the oldest baby boomers. Boomers, a global phenomenon, currently age between 42 and 60 years of age. The younger boomers may or may not be saving for retirement but the older ones, including myself, are facing imminent retirement. It is a fact that the older one gets, the more likely we are to vote Democrat. There are two future things on my mind, Social Security and Medicare. I am the leading edge of a 76 million-person army coming around the final bend and into the home stretch towards retirement. That is 76 million voters who, like me, will become focused on Social Security and Medicare. The general consensus is that Democrats will handle it better. Republicans are in big trouble. We will not need AARP to pressure the house. 76 million motivated voters will do it just fine. Which takes me to next weeks vote.

I have always voted Republican. I value law & order, less government, lower taxes etc. I have Republicans in office at the local level, State level and Federal (both houses and the Presidency). Today I feel less safe, more heavily taxed overall, there is corruption at all levels and I am ticked off about it. Clearly, the party’s values are not enforced. Clearly there are members of the Republican Party who don’t walk the talk and the Party allows that, which is a disservice to every honest person in the Party. You can make a case for the Party being the problem. Anyway, the Republican Party is about to get spanked. If the Party will not fix itself then voters must do it for them until they get the message. You cannot expect to claim the moral high ground and not be held accountable at the level you claim. Which takes me back to my first point.

The Republicans are going to lose at least one house. The right Democratic candidate, someone removed from all those tired old socialists, can win the Presidency. If that happens, the aging boomer mega-trend may well keep Republicans out of office for a very long time.