attitude is everything

I have always been a great believer that your attitude is everything. There are constant reminders each day: the person who never gives up trying, the person who overcomes physical or health problems to lead a full and enriched life or the person who always seems able to handle life’s ups and downs. Your attitude shapes your life and is probably more important than ever as you reach the baby boomer years. Just think of your position in life right now: you probable have more freedom , more opportunities to pursue interests and more available money than you have ever had before. Now isn’t the time to allow yourself to believe that because your getting older that life is on a downward trend as far as your health, physical or mental prowess and will be devoid of new challenges. Thinking old will make you old. The best place to start is to be pro active about your health…you have to feel good to enjoy this new adventure. There is a wealth of information on diet and exercise but I think in simple terms you’ll get an immediate benefit from eating a balanced diet and by regular exercise. Get a winning attitude and find activities that you enjoy. Remember that physically you use it or loose it. Be determined to be the best you can be and don’t allow yourself to thought of as someone who is too old for the job. Challenge yourself regularly at work and don’t keep going on about your age. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but people will begin to think of you as old if you keep bringing it up. Be cheerful and upbeat, your attitude is infectious. The truth is that as you get older you often loose your enthusiasm. I compare life now to life when we first got married. It seemed that the world was our oyster and I was excited about every day. Do things that interest you and try some new ones too. Challenge yourself regularly at work and at play. The truth is that life has more to offer baby boomers today than any other generation before. So make sure that you have an attitude that is going to allow you to enjoy the journey. And just do it. It doesn’t matter if your dreams are big or small: not all of us want to be elected President of the United States at 60 like Abraham Lincoln. But we can all take part in life and not just be bystanders and share the excitement of being alive.