second honeymoon – rediscovering your partner

Like most empty nesters our children didn’t leave home all at once. It was a gradual process and I think we started to prepare mentally as our eldest child became more independent. We didn’t make huge changes in our lives then because we still had three children under our care but we did begin the journey of rediscovery. We had a little more time for ourselves and we started with small things like going on dates with each other and going for walks together. These were small but significant steps in our changing lives and it was fun to dress up for each other and to be able to walk and talk about your future and what we both wanted and were excited about. Eventually all the children were gone and we were at a new and exciting part of our lives. We could now make decisions on the spur of the moment; we had time that was our own and even a little money to play with. With more freedom we started to take vacations and visit places we had never been to before or that interested us. We took a second honeymoon in Jamaica. We had a great time in Rome. We traveled all over the Caribbean. I have some great memories of warm tropical climates and beautiful blue waters, of historic buildings and beautiful countryside. We were able to tell each other how we wanted to shape the rest of our lives and make plans to set these ideas into motion. My husband once again became my focus in life and it was fun spending a romantic evening with him or planning our next trip or just talking about new hobbies and interests we would enjoy. I could, once again take time to appreciate all of his qualities He shared his thoughts on securing our financial well being, the things he wanted to achieve and the things he wanted to try in the coming years and I shared mine. Of course it is a huge adjustment in your life and everyone’s experience will be a little different. After all we all want different things in life. But what you come to realize is that you strengthen the bond between you and your husband at the same time as you begin a new relationship with your children…. life has even more to offer now not less.