11 Features of Our Ideal Retirement House.

Our present home reflects our past. It is ideally suited for family life. Now we are in an empty nest and retirement is on the horizon we are thinking about how we want to live going forward. It is time to get past the generalizations of a far off future and to start applying some details to the things we want. Our next home is starting to come into focus and will probably have to be designed because I don’t see it out there today. If anyone knows better I would love to hear about it. Following is a list, or the starting framework, for our next home.

For Any Age

  • The house would be “Green” in every practical way. There are significant improvements in photoelectric cell technologies about to appear on the market that will make electricity from sunlight cheaper and more practical than ever before.
  • A smaller, single story, open plan house that would open onto a large patio that would act as an extension of the home. A fireplace on the patio with great cooking facilities and for entertaining. A low maintenance yard for someone who wants to do it himself or herself. E.g. patio and potted plants. This layout would accommodate 2 people most of the time and a large number of people a few times a year.
  • Two permanent bedrooms with more capability designed into the home to cater for a larger group when necessary.
  • Built in home security with wireless networking throughout the home. Security will be paramount, not an afterthought.
  • A garage with built in storage capability, not something we put in ourselves later. Maybe.
  • A large hobbies room/den. Large enough for two computers and anything else we need for our hobbies.
  • Plenty of natural light.
  • A garage door that can be opened with my cell phone. It’s the one thing I always have on me.
  • Swimming Pool for exercise and entertainment.

For Later Years

  • Heated floor tiles in the bathroom.
  • Able to take a shower sitting down. Hand rails if necessary. There will not be a tub in this house.

Now to get some house design software.