A Slimmer Santa?

It all started a few years ago when the people behind Sesame Street decided the cookie monster needed to mend his ways. They decided he should go cold turkey and reduce his intake of cookies …cookies were relegated to “a sometimes food.” Actually, I think he might have had a much bigger problem because I never really saw him swallow any cookies. The intent behind the change in eating habits was to help to lower the rate of childhood obesity. I must confess that watching people (or things!) eat on TV never made me want to eat more and I did notice that despite a change in his diet he never lost weight. Was he, I wonder, a closet cookie eater who hid his excesses from the cameras?

Now they are taking Santa to task and there is growing pressure to slim the red suited guy down. Should we start leaving plates of vegetables and mineral water and require him to attend boot camp with exercises before letting him greet our children? Again, the intent behind getting Santa to slim down is to present a better role model for kids and while I’m all in favor of healthy eating and exercise I know that having a svelte Santa isn’t going to change the increasing numbers of childhood obesity; that starts at home

Just think of all the repercussions a slimmer Santa would have. We would have to rewrite the 1822 poem “The Night before Christmas,” where Santa was portrayed as “chubby and plump”… with a little round belly, that shook when he laughed like a bowl of jelly. And would Mrs. Clause have to hit the treadmill to restore her body to its slimmer more youthful shape? Would we be able to take in all those Santa Suits made to fit our former rotund fellows? And when we’ve solved that problem would we then have to turn our attentions and work on the self image of the diminutive elves

Personally I’m not taking any chances of being left with a lump of coal this year.I am putting all my “sometime food” cookies on a plate and leaving them out for Santa just in case!