England’s National Health Service News

It was interesting to see a BBC report that the British government is planning to privatise the management of failing health care services. It is not clear why they are failing but some hospitals are failing a criteria of quality care or other government standards. Of course there is much complaining from within the health system itself but I find it interesting in a time of American Presidential hopefuls pitching nationalized healthcare that the Brits are privatizing some part of their system for lack of performance. Additionally, individual Brits are turning to private insurance schemes to “top-up” the government health plans where it fails to provide appropriate care. This is a complicated business. The U.S. system is good for those who have health insurance and non existant for those without. The British system provides healthcare for all but not so good. It seems to me the logical end game will be a government system that provides basic healthcare for everyone and private insurance will be available making the overall system world class. We seem to be moving in that direction and evidence suggests the Brits are also.