Grooming Gravesites from Afar


We live in Florida while the rest of our family either lives in Indiana or, if no longer living, are interred in Indiana. If you too have deceased loved ones who are buried far from where you live or if you find yourself no longer able to do the job of caring for family gravesites, you may want to look into having the work done by a new breed of entrepreneur, grave groomers.

While most cemeteries do mowing of graveyards and removal of dead flowers, they don’t clean tombstones or clip grass close to them, add flowers, trim bushes or do other things that you might do were you able or available. Here’s where the grave groomers can help.

Not only will they clean up the gravesite and add new flowers that the client has already selected, but many of them will even take a digital picture of the grave before and after they do their job and send it to their client via email along with weather conditions and cemetery conditions while they were at the graveyard.

One such groomer is but you can find others by simply Googling terms like “grooming gravesites” or “gravesite groomers”. If any of you Empty Nest readers have used this type of service, we’d all love to hear your comments, whether positive or negative.