We thought we had bingo... but we didn't!

Well, here it is Monday again. As a retired Empty Nester, however, the thought of Monday doesn’t send a chill down my spine like it used to. Now it’s just the start of another week in Paradise, doing pretty much what we want, when we want.

Oh, there are ocassional things we have to do that we’d rather not, but for the most part we do as we please. On Monday’s my husband generally plays golf, so he will play this Monday unless it’s too cold. Yes, it does get too cold to play golf in Florida sometimes.

Tuesday, he has Bible studies, I have a bone scan and bingo. Last week I won $13 bingoing so hopefully, I’m on a roll and ready to grab the big bucks this week. I was doing pretty good last winter but then when my bingo buddy went north for the summer and I quit going, all my luck went too and I haven’t won this year until this $13. Although it may be too that my lucky charm is gone. There was one of the money-passer-outers who was always there last year to give me my winnings who is off now with a bad knee. So I’m hoping that won’t last much longer and he’ll come back so I can win again!

Anyway, the start of a new week is upon us. Great things may happen, we can only hope. Mardi Gras on Tuesday, Ash Wednesday on Wednesday. Maybe the weather will warm up a bit, we could use some rain, maybe I’ll lose a pound or two! Who knows. The possiblities are endless.