More Gadgets–magicJack Has Arrived

Well, we’ve purchased another gadget. This one is supposed to take a bit of a strain off the ole pocketbook and I think it really might. Imagine that!

This new gadget is called magicJack and you can see what all it does at You plug your phone line into magicJack, then the magicJack plugs into a USB port on your computer. You have to have some sort of high speed Internet to make magicJack work. DSL is fine; that’s what we have.

We ordered our magicJack over the Internet on Saturday, checked the tracking on Sunday and it had been shipped that day, and lo and behold, magicJack arrived in our mailbox on Monday! Wow! That was fast.

They were having a 30-day free trial, probably still are. So for the magicJack itself, assuming you decide to keep it of course, you’ll be charged $39.99 which also includes a YEAR of service. Service includes all long distance and local calls, caller ID, and voicemail.

We also opted to spend another $59.99 for an extra five years of service (a discount from the regular $19.99 per year). As usual Uncle Sam takes his cut and there was a $6.95 charge for shipping.

Well, we unwrapped magicJack and plugged the phone into it. Then I had to crawl around on the floor in an attempt to get to the USB ports on the back of the computer tower. This didn’t seem to be working too well, so I went ahead and plugged it into the front USB port. It was a bit wide for there so I wound up using the little extender they had sent along and it fits much better that way. Now I can still plug something else into the port nextdoor.

It was only supposed to take a minute or so to register and be ready to make calls. Well, as you have probably guessed, other than having to crawl around on the floor, things had been going pretty well up to this point. That was all about to change.

You have to register your new magicJack and the registration screen absolutely WOULD NOT cooperate. So I got on the chat with the magicJack people, four different ones last night, and the last one finally said chat back in the morning, we’ll have it fixed on our end by then.

So when I got up this morning, I tried unplugging and replugging again, but same old, same old, I still couldn’t register. Now I’m back on Chat, this time with Victoria. I gave her as brief a synopsis as I could of what had transpired the night before with the other chat folks. She asked a couple of questions, had me go to one spot and do a couple of mouse clicks, and EUREKA!! I was able to register and the darn thing actually works!!

I called our daughter to see if I could do it and she answered and she sounded very good (better than over the cell phone, actually). I input some of my “contacts” (sounds like I’m a drug dealer or something!!), figured out how to do some things, but now I have no one I need to call!

I did call myself using the cell phone a couple of times, just to see how it basically worked. Now I need to make us some little business cards to hand out to our friends to let them know our new phone number.

Up to this point, I would recommend magicJack. $12 a year for unlimited calling seems pretty good to me. I just hope they don’t go out of business in the next six years before I get to use up all this calling service! If I have any problems, I’ll let you know.