As most of you may remember, we empty nesters live in a retirement community in central Florida. During the winter, at least once a month, we have an entertainer at our clubhouse. Tonight we had an ENTERTAINER! We had Charo and she was fabulous. I’m not usually so gaga over the entertainment we have here but she was one of the best we’ve ever had.

If you want to see some of what we saw tonight go to There are videos of most of the songs she played. She is a great flamenco guitarist.

But the best part was her chatter to the audience. I suppose it was all written beforehand, but her delivery was perfectly timed, and she said some things that were very unexpected and therefore, much funnier than the words she actually said!

You may remember Charo’s thick accent from years ago. It’s still there and she was a bit hard to understand at times. At one point she went into the audience and cavorted around, dancing with some of the men. When she returned to the stage, she was mentioning how the type of dancing she did required the man to hold the woman tightly from behind. But she had a warning for the audience, “when you hold the woman tightly, spooning can easily turn into forking!” Of course, the crowd roared.

The other shows we’ve had this season have ranged from pretty good to very bad. We have two more to go and I’m sure they’ll be in that category somewhere as well. But tonight’s show will be hard to top. Charo is indeed an entertainer, from her guitar playing, to her dancing and singing, to her deadpan jokes and patter with the audience.

A friend of ours has a sister who knew Charo through having taught her son in school in Hawaii where they lived. So the sister had written a note for our friend to give to Charo. Charo’s husband actually got the letter, they read it before the show and our friend and her husband were invited backstage to talk to Charo after the show. They reported that she was very personable and talked to them like she had always known them. She even gave the husband her newest CD.

My recommendation is that if you ever get the chance to see Charo on stage, go for it! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You may want to take earplugs as certain parts of the show are a bit deafening though!