“Music in Our Schools” Month

Saxophones and brass in the last set of Gladiator

Did you realize March is “Music in Our Schools” month? I didn’t know it myself until recently but I think it’s a great idea. Music isn’t nearly as highly regarded in our schools as it should be. Not nearly as much attention is paid to music and the making of it as is paid to the basketball, football, baseball and other teams in school these days.

Would a new gymnasium be built for music? I don’t think so, but many schools have built new gymnasiums for the main purpose of housing their sports teams and the fans that attend their events. Do you see pep squads being formed to cheer on the high school band? Hardly. In fact the high school band is used to cheer on the sports teams.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against sports. I just believe that there are other things in life and music is one of them. Many parents put out large sums of money over the years for instruments, lessons, uniforms, printed music and the like for their musically-inclined children. And the children devote lots of their time to learning how to play their chosen instrument.

But when these children put on a performance that is not connected to the sports team, the only people usually in attendance are the parents and grandparents of the kids performing the music. Hopefully children will continue learning their music because even if it’s not done professionally, making music is still something that can be enjoyed as an adult.