Fill’er Up!

Yes, the empty nest is now full for a bit. The young’uns arrived about noon on Saturday, we had lunch, went shopping and went for a golf cart ride and were all exhausted! The baby is a blast.

Today, Sunday, we went to the flea market, they went to the pool while Grandpa and Grandma babysat. But little baby wasn’t too happy with Mama gone to the pool so Grams and Gramps had to take him for a stroller ride around the neighborhood to get him in a better mood. He loved that so it was worth it. Then we all went and ate Italian food which was also a good thing. But there were leftovers so a big shift of all the stuff in the refrigerator had to take place to get all those styrofoam boxes in there too. At least now we know what we’ll have for lunch tomorrow or the next day and not much preparation time either!

Baby is trying to get to sleep on his Daddy’s lap right now and I think he’s having a successful job of it. The poor little guy gets in the car, just gets to sleep and we get to where we’re going and he has to get up again so he can’t get a good nap. Now he has the whole night ahead of him to sleep as much as he wants but he’ll probably be up sometime during the night according to his Mom.

It is a real delight having them here and the empty nest partially filled for awhile. We’ll enjoy the time with them!