A Day at the Beach

Clearwater Beach, Clearwater, Florida

We took our empty nest fillers to Clearwater Beach on Tuesday. It was necessary to drive around for probably half an hour just to find a parking space. Whoever said tourism is down apparently hasn’t visited Clearwater Beach during spring break. We finally found a spot with a two-hour parking meter so then we had to find change to feed it with. And we did. At least it was a fairly short walk down an alley to get to the beach itself. Then of course another trek through a desert area to get close to the water!

By the time we reached a spot to park our stuff, there was no holding me. I had to potty! So another walk down the beach just to find a bathroom. But what a relief it was!

Back to the sunbathers but not into the water because the water temperature was in the low 70’s which is really not conducive to lots of floating around. We weren’t the only ones steering clear of the cold water. The baby got his feet wet, screamed like a banshee and came back to the blanket to play in the sand, which he much preferred.

During all this, we had to check the parking meter every so often and Grandpa finally decided he’d had enough of sitting on a blanket on the hard sand so he went back to the car and then to the drugstore across the street and finally for short walks keeping the car in site in case the rest of us decided to come back. I did and eventually the kids and baby did too.

Then of course, the road back home was pretty much at a stand-still so it took twice as long to get back as it should have. But it was the beach. What else can you say? Baby’s first visit and hopefully he’ll grow to love it. Especially when the water gets warmer.