Japanese Cooking Techniques

The cooker at the Japanese Steakhouse!

Well, today we went with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson to a Japanese restaurant that features a chef at your table cooking your food. Our one-year-old grandson was in awe of this fellow as he whipped his cleaver blade round and round and then smacked the bottom of the metal salt and pepper shakers each time he seasoned the food.

Our son-in-law ordered steak for his meat of choice while the rest of us had chicken. The chef doused the grill with oil, broke raw eggs over the back of his cleaver and made fried rice. Then he cooked meat and vegetables and gave each of the diners their share. We also had two kinds of sauces, a teriyaki type thing and something the chef called either shrimp sauce or white sauce. I don’t think it was named shrimp sauce because there was shrimp in it but rather because it was to be used over shrimp. Whatever, it was very tasty.

After we ate all this food, someone got the bright idea that we should have ice cream so we had a scoop of ice cream at a designer ice cream stand and spent almost as much on that as we did on our whole lunch.

Tomorrow is breakfast at the Golden Corral. Luckily our bathroom scales went to sleep permanently a couple of days before the kids got here, so we don’t know how many pounds we’ve put on this week from all the endless eating we seem to be doing. At 9 o’clock tonight our daughter decided she needed to have a brat cooked on the grill so she had that and our son-in-law, grandson, and myself had hot dogs and we also made jalapeno poppers with cheddar cheese. We never do this when the nest is empty!

The kids are leaving tomorrow after the big breakfast and then I’m going to see if I can fix the scales. Hopefully, if I get them running again, they won’t scream when I get on!