Features of Our Ideal Retirement House, Part 2

I found an old post back from March, 2007, done by my predecessor here and thought I might make a few comments on that. The post contains 11 things the author is looking for in a retirement home.

My retirement home is a manufactured house in Florida. We did put in mostly laminate floors that look like hardwood and I don’t know why we never had them before. I love them! We did them partly, well mostly, because we have two dogs and they can be messy at times. At any rate, these floors are so easy to clean and look beautiful even when you haven’t mopped them in a bit. So that’s one thing I definitely like in my retirement home. They’re not all that expensive either. Similar in price to carpet.

I do have two bedrooms and an area for the computer. What I would really like to have is another closet. We don’t have a garage, just a shed, and storage is kind of at a premium. Of course, one of the things you learn when you retire and downsize is that you don’t need all that “stuff” you’ve had hanging around for years that you never look at or use. Keep some favorites and get rid of the rest. Send it home with your kids. Trust me, they’ll love it (wink,wink).

Rather than having a hot tub of our own, we live in a community that has one we can use, well two actually. We hardly ever do and don’t really want to any more often than we do, so I’m glad we don’t have one of our own that we have to perform maintenance and upkeep on.

We also have someone to mow our grass. Our yard isn’t very big, but just the thought of mowing makes me cringe. We mowed about 3 acres for over 20 years so enough is enough. We even had some of our old bushes removed so there’d be less bush trimming we had to do or hire someone else to do. We still do it ourselves but we’ve got it down to a science so it doesn’t take too long. The main thing is to do it before it gets too bad. That way it doesn’t make such a big mess.

One of the bad things about where we live is that things grow all year round. Actually that’s one of the good things too since it means the weather is decent all year round. But there is outdoor upkeep that needs to be done all year too. Of course, we don’t spend a lot of time shoveling snow so I guess we can use that time to trim the bushes and weed a bit.

Ho hum, retirement is a rotten job but somebody has to do it!