Mahjong for the Masses

Hey, Empty Nesters, if you want something different to do and haven’t tried Mahjong, you might want to click on this free version from AARP. See if you like the game before you go out and buy yourself a Mahjong game of your own.

The rules are pretty much the same in a boughten game as they are in this free one. However, in the ones you purchase the tiles are much easier to see, there’s funky Oriental music you can choose to play or not while you play the game, and you can even play different Mahjong versions or have different lay-outs for your tiles. Oh, yes, you can even have different symbols or pictures on the tiles themselves as well.

It’s kind of addictive. You can time yourself and save your scores and then try to beat your old scores. There are many versions available but they’re all fairly inexpensive, especially when you consider all the hours of play you can have with it.

So go ahead, enjoy!