Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello House

Today, April 13th, 2009, is the 266th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth in 1743. He was quite a figure!

He married his wife Martha in 1772 and they went to live at Monticello.

Four years later in 1776, at the young age of 33, Jefferson drafted our Declaration of Independence. Not a small feat in itself!

In 1785, he was the Minister to France, following in Benjamin Franklin’s footsteps.

He was Secretary of State under President Washington in the early 1790’s.

When he missed being elected President by three votes in 1796, he instead became Vice President under President John Adams.

In 1801 though he finally became President himself and served for two terms, leaving office in 1809.

He died on the 4th of July in 1826 at the grand old age of 83, having contributed greatly to the creation of the United States’ government as we know it today.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson!!