When the Ground Comes Up to Meet You

Hi, Empty Nesters. I was having a good day today. It was raining and I was on the computer messing around. I didn’t have a lot of work to do that HAD to be done, just stuff I wanted to do. Then my husband suggested that since it was raining and we couldn’t go for our daily golf cart ride to get the mail and air off the dogs, we’d go in the car and he could travel the route that he usually walks so he could see how many miles he was actually walking.

I also needed to put my bingo daubers on a table at the Clubhouse in order to save a place for my friend and I at bingo tonight, so this seemed like a good way to get that done too.

OK, so I have the daubers and my drink in my hand. Hubby has his dog already in the car so I’m trying to get Smokey to come and go out the front door with me but he thinks he should go out the back door because that’s where Dad and his sister went out. He finally came to me though so I picked him up too in the same hand with the daubers and my drink.

So I have my other hand to open the door, which opens out. I step down the three steps and suddenly my slickery-soled shoes hit the wet concrete driveway and I end up on my bottom! OUCH!! I hit the back of my head and my shoulder on the side of the van, my buns on the hard concrete floor and bit my tongue.

Smokey apparently flew out of my grasp as I only remember seeing him making a flying dash under the van. Hubby arrives and I tell him to get Smokey before he goes nuts and runs out in the road. I’m wondering at this point if I’m going to end up like Natasha Richardson with a bleeding brain and dead by morning.

I was able to get up and we went for our ride and I took my daubers into the Clubhouse and we got the mail. I’m not seeing double and my head doesn’t hurt so I guess my brain isn’t bleeding. But man does my butt hurt!

I managed to go to bingo and sit on their hard chairs for almost three hours without winning anything even. So when I came home I took some pain killer meds and it’s feeling a bit better now. I can’t see a bruise but I suppose that’s what has happened. I’m sitting on my folded up bath robe in the desk chair typing this, but I hate to think how it’s going to feel when I try to stand up again.

I had a bone density test a couple of weeks back and haven’t seen the doctor yet to get the results but if she says I need to take another pill because my bones aren’t dense enough, I’ll relate this tale of woe to her and let her know that they seem to have survived.

Now my husband is going to be telling everyone that the big crack that’s in the driveway and has been there for years is due to my falling on it. He even looked at the van to see if there was a dent (there wasn’t!).

Woe is me!