Can Survivor Survive? Does Anyone Care?

I just skipped over to the Content Quake Survivor site to see if there was anything new there. Perhaps something exciting about Survivor that I had missed. But actually there hasn’t been a new post in awhile.

Having watched all the Survivors since the first one, although I had to watch parts of that first one after the fact because I wasn’t really hooked until number two showed up, I can say that I totally understand why there are no posts in the Survivor blog. This season’s show is, in my humble opinion, the most boring Survivor they’ve ever had!

I can’t come up with one Survivor that I can root for to win. Being from Lakeland, Florida, like one of the Survivors, I at first was rooting for him. He was voted off awhile back, however, so I can’t have him as a favorite and he was not that great as favorites go, anyway. There was someone else I kind of liked for awhile and now I’m not even sure who it was. Sierra, maybe? I don’t know. I tried to like Coach but then he starts telling these tall tales that are just too much for me to accept.

So, I hope Survivor survives because as a rule, I’m a fan. But this group of Survivors could all jump in the ocean and it wouldn’t be any great loss to TV Land.