No News That’s Fit to Print

Reading the Newspaper!

Empty Nesters, what’s next?

Today I’m hearing there’s a new flu in Mexico, could be a strain of swine flu, and is a hybrid flu besides. We could all die. Or not. Good grief!

They’re also saying that the Conficker Computer Virus that we were all warned about on April Fool’s Day didn’t really do much of anything then, but watch out! It’s probably on the prowl again and getting ready to do stuff now. Like sending spam from an unsuspecting computer. Doesn’t sound that bad, but I suppose there’s more to it that they’re not telling us just yet. Good grief!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has apologized to veterans for saying they might be right-wing extremists. She also thinks the 9/11 terrorists came in through Canada, but hello, that wasn’t the case. Shouldn’t she know this stuff? Good grief!

An 84-year-old man, Ted Mazetier, in Tacoma, WA, an empty nester no doubt, had to fight off carjackers. He stopped to help them with their supposed car trouble (doesn’t pay to help anyone anymore) and one of them punched him in the face and demanded his car keys, so he kicked that would-be thief in the groin and the other one in the belly. (I probably couldn’t get my foot that high, maybe I’d just kick them in the knee or shin.) Luckily, another passerby stopped to offer assistance (he didn’t realize this is how you get carjacked) and the bad guys took off. Thanks, second passerby and way to go, Ted! Good grief!

Well, that’s enough news for today. Have a great weekend! Just remember, stay out of Mexico, don’t turn on your computer, watch out for those veterans or better yet, watch out for Homeland Security Secretaries on the loose, and don’t stop to help anyone with a stalled car. But if you do, be sure to do your stretches first, so you can kick them in the teeth!!