Snowbirds and Black Vultures Begin Their Northward Trek


Snowbirds are starting to head north. It’s a lot quieter in Florida when they do! If they were to come back in the summer, I’m sure they’d be surprised at the difference themselves.

The Black Vultures who spend the winter here begin to head north at the same time. It’s really rather uncanny the way they all start to disappear at the same time.

They’re starting to have graduations in the area, especially college right now. It won’t be long before the high schools have their graduations too. We were eating out yesterday and some Prom-goers were there as well. So spring is here.

So once spring arrives, the summer vacationers are not far behind. They stay pretty much at the local attraction areas, Orlando (DisneyWorld, Wet ‘n Wild, etc.), Tampa (Busch Gardens, the beaches) and so forth.

It just makes you wonder who is holding down the fort up north.