Testing the Water

We just got a notice from our local Yahoo group that there may be a scam afoot in our little retirement community. It seems several residents (ourselves included) recently received official-looking mail offering to test the water in our homes. Apparently they are only interested in selling us something to fix our bad water, which they seem to be able to get from every faucet they test.

Well, I had already figured out in my own head that this was probably not connected with our water utility company although my husband thought it was. He takes things for their face value and trusts people too much I guess. It’s really too bad that we can’t do that anymore.

I’m sure this scam is going on all over the country, so even though you probably don’t live where I live, you live somewhere, and you too may be getting this mail that looks like it is very important and can do nothing but help you and save you from all the bad stuff in your water.

Well, it will probably not help you and there probably isn’t that much bad stuff in your water anyway. If you think there may be, contact your local water company and either they or someone reputable will come and test your water for you. Then you’ll be able to make a decision using legitimate information about your water, as to whether or not you need something to clean it up.

Just because we have an empty nest, we’re not stupid and I wish these people would figure that out!