Soak Up That Vitamin D for Better Immune Health

Sun Sparkle

To boost your immunity apparently Vitamin D can be very helpful. Especially on respiratory infections, Vitamin D is very important. Studies say that those with the lowest Vitamin D levels are 36 percent more likely to get the flu or have a cold. Yuck!

Plus they think that about 80 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Without the Vitamin D, our bods don’t produce enough cathelicidin, which is a protein that help our immune system fight off these colds and flus.

And if you already have asthma, you’re at even greater risk since these researchers discovered that asthmatics were five times more likely to get sick without enough Vitamin D and those with COPD were twice as likely.

A blood test is available to see if you’re deficient in Vitamin D and they’re thinking of upping the recommendations from 200 to 600 IU per day to something more to help with this immunity thing.

So better get yourself some Vitamin D pills and/or get out in the sunshine more (use that sunscreen though, we don’t want to switch one illness for another).