National Do-Not-Call List

Cell Phones

I’m hearing that our cell phone numbers are going to be made public on the first of June. More good news, now telemarketers can get these numbers and call our cell phones, not only bugging the daylights out of us but making it so we have to use our minutes to listen to their drivel. As you can see I don’t want to get any of these calls.

So today I received an email from a friend with the number for the National Do-Not-Call List so I thought I’d pass it along. It is: 1-888-382-1222.

It’s necessary to call this number from each cell phone that you want to put on the list. However, it only takes 1:10 minutes (I looked at the phone when I was done to see) to do this. You have to press one a couple of times to get into the system (it directs you as to what to do) and then enter your cell phone number. That’s about it.

Saves you mintues which are money and lowers your blood pressure all in one easy step!!