Studies Show the Country May be Getting Less Windy

The Aermotor Company, Chicago

I was just reading an article that was discussing the possibility that there isn’t as much wind out there as there used to be. Of course, they attribute it to global warming but none of them are really sure. They have all these scientific instruments that measure wind speed and such. My only comment is they don’t live in a retirement community or they wouldn’t think there was less wind (or hot air) out there.

There’s lots of wind here. All the wind that these old guys have to spout about every subject that comes up. And what about the wind after eating beans or onions. OOH. The wind from all the snoring has bed covers fluttering all over the place. You can almost hear the swish of the blankets after it gets dark.

If only we could harness all this “power” we could be rich empty nesters.