A Cheap Week at Grandma’s House


Our kids and grandkids are planning on a visit in July so I’ve been looking at air flights and have seen a few things I’d rather not. For instance, on the airlines I was looking at, they charge $15 for the first bag of checked luggage, $25 for the second and $50 for each bag over two. I guess you can still have a free carry-on although I didn’t look it up so maybe that’s not true either.

Then taxes and such turn a cheap-looking ticket ($58 one way) into a $78 ticket. Plus $15 more if you want to take a bag and it’s $93. So much for a cheap flight. Now, more craziness, a non-stop flight is less expensive than one with a stop because there are extra landing charges. And you didn’t even want to land! This doesn’t seem right!

Now they’re looking into renting a van to avoid putting so many miles on theirs. But that would be just as much if not more than flying! Plus gas!

Maybe I’ll check the train or a bus for them. How about hitchhiking?