Wedding Day for the Older Crowd

Old Folks Wedding Party

Young folks may not think old folks ever get married, but they do! In our retirement community where we live, it’s a regular Peyton Place. (The youngsters probably won’t know what I’m talking about!) Anyway, there are a lot of weddings around here and they’re much more relaxed affairs than first weddings for young people.

There’s the wedding first, of course, and then it’s party time. Most wedding parties gather in the main hall of the community clubhouse. There’s a kitchen there so they can have food and drink and there’s room for dancing and all sorts of wild goings on!

We’ve had birthday parties, going away parties and holiday parties there too. It has room for a good crowd and the rent is cheap ($0.00). And the pool is just outside the door so if anyone needs doused, there it is. Don’t laugh but I know of one woman, in her 60’s probably, always has the perfect hair-do, dressed in street clothes, who found herself gently pushed into the pool one night. I’m not sure she even got mad!