Packing Your Hurricane-Preparedness Kit

A couple of days ago I posted some hurricane-preparedness tips. Now I’m posting a list of some things you may want to have ready in your personal hurricane-preparedness kit:

A first-aid kit with important everyday medicines

Your personal prescription medicines

One gallon of water per day per person

Battery-operated radio and flashlight and some extra batteries

Driver’s license, Social Security card, insurance cards, insurance policies –  in general all your important paperwork and put them in a waterproof container. If there are things that are important but that you wouldn’t need such as family pictures, negatives or CD’s of photos, marriage license, and birth certificates consider putting them in a lock box you can rent at your bank.

Cash (this is always nice to have even if there’s no storm coming!)

Well-charged cell phone (in case the electricity is off, at least it’ll work for awhile)

There are other things that I’m sure you’ll think of as you fix up this kit. One year we packed our whole trunk full of personal memorabilia (family pictures, special knick knacks, and the like) that I felt like I wanted to protect. You can also stash things in your refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Just don’t start them up after the storm is over without taking out your special stuff or you may have more damage than you would’ve gotten from the hurricane.