Getting a Second Opinion for Medical Problems

For those empty nesters who hate to get a second opinion for fear of making their doctor mad or are afraid insurance won’t pay for it, think again. There are several good reasons to get a second opinion and if your doctor is any kind of doctor, he/she shouldn’t be put off because you want to make sure what you’re hearing from him is right. Also there may be other ideas out there for treating what ails you, so go for it. And generally insurance will pay although you can always check ahead of time to be sure.

Here are some times when you should really get a second opinion:

  • If surgery is prescribed, see if another doctor agrees or if there are other options available that the original doctor may not have thought about 
  • If what you’ve been diagnosed with is a life-threatening condition, assuming you have time to make some decisions, get another opinion for help with these decisions 
  • If you keep going to the doctor and you’re not getting any better, look elsewhere for some help 
  • If your current doctor can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with you, seek help from someone else
  • If you and your doctor aren’t on the same wavelength and you don’t feel comfortable discussing your health with him or her, find a doctor you are comfortable with 
  • If you have lots of medical things going on at the same time, you may want to get help to sort it all out

Even if you don’t find any better healthcare suggestions, at least you can be reassured that what the original doctor wanted to do is probably right for your medical situation.