David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett, 62, and Michael Jackson, 50, both died today although under very dissimilar circumstancs. Farrah succumbed to cancer after a 3-year battle during which she became almost a hero. They don’t seem sure what caused Jackson’s demise; it is under investigation.

Farrah went from pin-up girl status to someone with a lot of fortitude and determination to live as long as she could despite her illness and to give others in like circumstances courage to continue their fights as well.

Jackson went from being a child star to a rather goofy grown-up-little-boy-wannabe. Dangling his small son off a balcony, undergoing all sorts of medical procedures to alter his appearance, and of course being accused of horrific child molestation charges. It will be interesting to hear what caused his death.

Actor David Carradine passed away on June 3rd, about three weeks ago. An old superstition holds that when one celebrity dies, two more will soon pass away as well. I have tried to keep track of this over the years and it does seem to happen this way, for whatever reason. Now we have three to finish off this cycle – David, Farrah and Michael.