Billy Mays and Gale Storm

The Grim Reaper

Well, it seems I was a bit mistaken on my last post. I inadvertently left out the death of Ed McMahon which threw off my mention of Hollywood’s three-death rule.

If we add Ed to the timeline previously created, we now have three deaths in one cycle – David Carradine, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett.

We have two more deaths to add today, to that of Michael Jackson. So now we have in the second cycle: Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Gale Storm.

Billy Mays, 50, was the pitchman of all time, hawking such things as cleaning products and lately signing on with the Discovery Channel to do a show called “Pitchmen” about, what else, pitchmen. Gale Storm is a TV sitcom star from the 1950’s and was quite well known back then for “My Little Margie” and “The Gale Storm Show”. Most empty nesters will probably remember her. She was 87.

So I think I have my lists all up-to-date now and if they’re right, we may be finished with this rule for awhile. At least until another celebrity passes on.