Free Website for Surgery and Other Patients

A friend of ours is having brain surgery later this week (she has some small aneurisms that need fixed) and a website has been set up so that her family can simply put on there how things went and anything else they want friends and family to know. Everyone they want to be able to view the site were sent emails with the site address. Now they can read the updates and even get an email when a new update is added and by registering, friends and family can also leave comments.

This site is free for people who are having surgery or other health problems and want to stay in touch without having to email everyone personally. It is so if you find yourselves in these circumstances, empty nesters, have a look at it, or have someone in your family have a look, set up a site and be able to communicate easily with everyone at once.

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but if you do I think this would be a very helpful and efficient way to stay in touch with loved ones. They can send “comments” back as well to give the sick person or their family some encouragement.