New Uses for Ketchup and Vinegar


Did you know you can clean copper pots just by rubbing them gently with ketchup and then washing away all that old nasty tarnish. Now this makes one wonder, what is ketchup doing to the inside of our tummies. I suppose at least we don’t have any tarnish in there.

If you have leg cramps, some advice I’ve seen is to drink vinegar and water. I’m not sure what the proportions would be on this but I can’t imagine it’s a very tasty drink. And if you drink it right before bed as was recommended, you’d probably want to brush your teeth before retiring for the night. This would be a good thing though, getting rid of all the nasty stuff built up on your teeth during the day.

Don’t forget you can also wash your windows with vinegar and then dry them with newspapers instead of paper towels to reduce streaking. This also gets rid of some of those old newspapers and saves on paper towels.

So get busy!