Thank You, Lord

Our daughter and son-in-law and three of their four children who are visiting us this week were in an accident on busy Interstate 4 in central Florida today. Another car had a tire blow out, bumped our kids’ van in the rear side, pulled back somehow and again bumped the side of our kids’ van, smashing in their side sliding door.

Somehow they managed to stay on the road, although the other car wound up in the ditch along the inside median of their 3-lane side of I-4. No one in either car was hurt, for which we thank God no end.

Now with three days to go before they were planning to return home, they’re hoping to be able to get their van repaired and back on the road. Their oldest son, age 8, was the most shook up because he was asleep when the crash happened and woke up to a shower of broken glass.

But they’re all fine, getting over the scare and starting to breath again. We think, if only they hadn’t stopped for gas or if only they had stayed a few minutes longer at the gas station, if only they’d gotten out the door a few minutes earlier or later, they might have missed being at the wrong spot at this time.

Then we begin to think, maybe they were saved from something worse. Who knows. Bad as it is, no one was hurt, the baby who would have been sitting in the seat next to the door that was mooshed was home with us and that seat was miraculously empty, and later, no one was swept away in the ocean (they were on their way to Clearwater Beach), they weren’t attacked by sharks (the youngest one’s fear last night), and they weren’t in a worse crash.

So thank you, Lord, for keeping them safe in a very unsafe situation.