Florida Everglades Python Hunters

Burmese Python

Well, it seems the powers that be in Florida have started issuing permits to a few python hunters to allow them to go into the Everglades and hunt down the pythons that have taken up residency there. It’s believed that most of these pythons originally were set free by owners who no longer wanted them. They’re now reproducing and hurting the native population of other animals and birds that live in the Everglades.

Two such hunters went out there today and in three hours found one python, which they captured with their bare hands and brought back for euthanizing and studying. In order to learn where these snakes are gathering and other important information about their habits, such things as where the snake was caught, its size, gender and stomach contents are being catalogued.

Today’s catch was about 10 feet long and had been eating rats since that was what was found in its stomach. Others have previously been found with indigenous birds, an alligator, and even a deer in their stomachs.

Personally, I don’t think I’d care to go into the Everglades on foot for any reason, but especially not to chase down and catch a 10-foot python with my bare hands. No reward is given for a python’s capture, but apparently the python hunters are allowed to sell the meat and skins of the snakes they catch.