Obama’s Healthcare Plan

It seems as if Obama’s healthcare plan may be in a bit of trouble. He’s in a huge hurry to get it passed before the August recess of the Senate and House. This is so that the opponents of the plan won’t have time to get their info out to the public and give the public time to realize that this plan may not be right for our country.

We’ve been to car dealers who operate this way. Hurry you up to make a decision, you MUST decide today or the offer is gone. We’ve found that you’re better off to stop and take a look at what is being offered so you can make a wise decision instead of just a fast unwise decision.

So with this healthcare plan, there’s no hurry to get it implemented other than to get it passed so that we don’t have time to see what we’re getting into. Which, in my opinion, is probably a big mess. On the other hand, if the new healthcare plan proves to be a good one or something that can be built upon, why all the hurry. Take the time to see what it involves and then decide if it’s a good thing or not.

Good healthcare plan or bad, there’s no reason to hurry into it without looking it over carefully and weighing all the pluses and minuses it has to offer. We rushed into the bailouts and now we’re regretting it. Let’s not do the same thing with Obama’s healthcare plan!