Starting Your Holiday Projects

Christmas bows

I just saw an ad asking, “Have you started your holiday projects?” Wow, I hadn’t even thought of holiday projects yet but now I realize that Christmas is just five short months from today. This means we have 152 shopping days until Christmas! Or if you do “projects”, you only have 152 days to get them completed.

Every year I plan to have all my Christmas cards purchased, addressed, signed (with a little note of course) and stamped at the very latest by December 1st. This is, however, just a plan and not what actually happens. Usually, I’m lucky to have them done by the 15th of December.

As far as projects go, when my kids were small, I always made them something for Christmas. Usually I crocheted something, a vest or something for their dolls, a marble bag one year, filled with marbles. But now I’m usually lucky to get the shopping and wrapping done before Santa visits. In fact, last year I was finishing my wrapping on Christmas Eve!

The next thing they’ll be telling us to start making our New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe my resolution for this upcoming New Year’s should be to start my holiday projects no later than July 25th. Or at least to get my Christmas gift wrapping done by December 23rd!