Eggs – No Longer Our Worst Enemy

Eggs Before and After Being Fried

Eggs! Remember a few years ago, when eggs were our worst enemy? If you wanted to live past the age of 23, you had to stay as far away from eggs as you possibly could. They were so chock full of cholesterol that your veins would be clogged before the egg hit your stomach. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have even made it to your stomach because so much of it was sticking to the inside of your arteries and clogging up your heart that there wasn’t enough left to get to your tummy.

But… eggs were cheap.

I just read an article in a magazine that’s full of articles about all sorts of stuff to do to have a healthy body. And guess what? One of their suggestions for breakfast is (drum roll, please) ……..EGGS!!

Today’s eggs are full of protein – a good thing – and just between you and me, I’ll bet yesterday’s eggs were also full of protein!

Today’s eggs have omega 3 fatty acids which is apparently a good thing as well. Do you think omega 3 fatty acids were missing from yesterday’s eggs? I’ll bet not!

Today’s eggs help you feel full longer so you’re not wanting to eat again till lunch time, saving you from more nasty calories entering your body.

BUT… today’s eggs are no longer as cheap as they were a couple of years back when they were considered unhealthy. Do you suppose these “new” ingredients in today’s eggs make them more expensive?

They didn’t recommend frying these eggs in bacon grease YET, but who knows, maybe in another year or two that will be the ideal way to cook your eggs. We can only hope!