See You on Facebook

Yes, I have a Facebook account but I don’t spend a lot of time using it. I did find an old (I use the term old loosely) friend on there last night, and we emailed back and forth to get updated on what the other one has been doing the last few years.

We moved away from our “home town” over 10 years ago and don’t see old classmates and such like we probably would if we still lived there. I’m not one for class reunions either so there aren’t any special trips made back north for that. So in this case Facebook is a good thing!

I was very happy to hear from this friend. But the news she had to tell was pretty sobering. Her husband is ill and has been for several years. Of course, not having talked with her, I didn’t know this. On a better note, she has 11 grandkiddoes which she’s very happy about! I found pictures of them on her Facebook today.

So overall, I’m happy to be on Facebook. I think it’s a great place to get back together with old friends, find some new friends and it’s another way to stay in touch with those you normally stay in touch with anyway.