How to Stay Cool Playing Golf in the Hot Florida Sunshine

It’s been really hot in Florida this summer. But I hear about all the cool weather they seem to be having up north. We play golf all summer and have yet to have a problem. So I thought I would put down a few tips on what we do to stay cool in the warm Florida sunshine of summer.

To begin with, part of why we don’t get as hot as people from colder climes, seems to be because we have gotten somewhat used to the heat. For example, when it drops to 70 degrees, we’re reaching for our sweats!

Next, we take lots of cold drinks. Put them in a cooler of ice so they’ll stay cold for awhile. A round of golf takes about four hours and we can usually keep things cool much longer than that. You can also freeze things that are in plastic bottles and then they’ll thaw as you go. Wrap them in a snuggie or an old sock to keep the drips at a minimum.

It’s also helpful to take a wash cloth and towel and a small chest of ice that’s covered with water. When you get hot, dip the wash cloth into the ice water and bathe your face and neck. Don’t dry it though as the air movement against your wet skin helps cool you off.

We have a couple of rechargeable fans hooked up in our golf cart. No I’m not kidding. We take them down and plug them into their chargers overnight and by morning they’re ready for another round. We found them at W-Mart in the camping area.

Don’t play in the mid to late afternoon as that is the hottest part of the day. It doesn’t seem as hot if you start out when it’s a wee bit cooler and work your way into the hotter time.

When you’re done golfing, go to the pool!!