Bury Me in the Backyard with the Family Pets

Neil began digging. . .

I just heard the latest “poor economy” news – it seems some people are unable to afford a funeral for their newly-deceased loved ones and are either not claiming them if they die away from home somewhere (I guess a hospital even would work) while some are even signing releases which then require the county or state to bury the person.

Apparently this is a big problem now in some larger cities, especially, like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Some cities are also facing loss of funding for such things as funerals for abandoned persons (my term) and don’t know where they’re going to get the money to inter these bodies.

Some folks are meeting the problem head-on, however, and are simply burying their people in their backyards. As long as they don’t hit a water or gas main and they bury them deep enough so as not to attract scavenging animals (which may be on the rise due to their owners not being able to afford food for them) or grave robbers (which may also be on the rise with so many people out of work and looking for a new source of income), this could be the best answer.

150 years ago (or maybe less, I’m not sure) they did this kind of thing all the time, and no one thought anything about it. Maybe now’s the time to go back to living a less luxurious lifestyle and making do with what’s available. They want us to go green after all, what better way than to be “pushing up daisies” for real!