Summer Tips for Happy Feet

Douglas Paquette Sandals

We all love wearing sandals, myself included, but we want our little tootsies and toes to look cute peeking out of the ends of those darling new sandals, don’t we. I have quite a few different sandals. Living in Florida, you can wear them almost all year long.

I have a pair of golf sandals, complete with soft spikes on the bottom, some Birkenstocks which have soles that are almost like wood but are surprisingly comfortable once you get them (or your feet) broken in, Croc sandals and leather sandals.

So here are a few easy tips to keep those toes looking and feeling great during the heat of summer.

1. Even if you love to go barefoot, it may not be the best choice outside of your home. A small cut can let bacteria into your body and who knows what kind of nastiness they may be bringing in with them. So wear those cute sandals when you’re out and about.

2. Be sure to moisturize your feet regularly. Going around in sandals can cause your feet to dry out, especially your toes which are kind of out there taking all the abuse, so keep them soft and they’ll love you for it.

3. Keep your toenails looking good as well. Moisturize them, trim them neatly, paint them if you like. Anything goes, hot pink, red, pale pink, blue. Even colors you might not use on your fingernails will be great on your toes.

4. OK, so you’ve got your sandals on, you’ve strolled along the beach all day and now you’re back home, taking off the sandals and whoa! What do you see? What are all these spots? It looks like the tops of your feet have eyes! The sun was peaking through those sandals and browning up the tops of your feet in the areas where it could reach and leaving the rest white. So now you have spots! Next time, put sunscreen on the tops of your feet and avoid the dreaded speckled tootsie syndrome.

5. If you’ve fallen prey to the above-mentioned speckled tootsie syndrome, you may be able to fix it up a bit before your next foray out into the summer. Get yourself a bottle of sunless tanning lotion and make the tops of your feet all one color again. Tan!

Enjoy the summer and help your feet enjoy it too. Keep them comfy and pretty and… well, just keep them happy!