New Pain Killer Available for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Hey, Empty Nesters, are bad knees giving you a pain. For osteoarthritis knee pain, they now have a new drug out that can last up to six months to take away the pain. That sounds like good news to me. I have a knee that hurts me now and then. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to give way too and that’s kind of scary!

Anyway, this stuff is called SYNVISC and it supposedly lubricates the sick joint and cushions it too. And for six months! It also is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans as well. More good news!

This drug is injected directly into the bad knee, so they only do this if pain killers and physical therapy aren’t helping relieve your pain. If you want to learn more, you can call them at 1-866-514-3981 and they’ll send you a free packet of info. Or you can go to their website at I haven’t looked at the website yet, but it might be worth a few minutes if it could help relieve pain that otherwise doesn’t want to let go.