The Neptune Memorial Reef

The Sea

Hopefully, you’ve already read my post of August 7th, “Bury Me in the Backyard with the Family Pets”. If not you may want to check it out first as this post expands on what I talked about there. So I’ll wait on you to come back…. (soft whistling)….(tapping fingertips on desktop)….ah, you’re back!

I hear now that there is a manmade reef just off the Miami, Florida, coast where the water is about 40 feet deep called The Neptune Memorial Reef. It covers about 16 acres of the ocean floor. The reef was created by dropping some unwanted leftovers from life as we know it on dry land into the sea. I don’t know if there’s a lot of technology that goes into this or if the sea creatures just have at it and pretty soon it’s a coral reef. At any rate, in 9 months, the area marine life has increased 60% over what it was, so these little sea creatures must be doing something out there.

The Neptune Memorial Reef has three main purposes. They are:

1. As an undersea burial site for human ashes;
2. To encourage the fish population; and
3. As a “mecca” for divers

So as you can see, here is another way to take care of loved ones last rites, besides burying them (illegally) in your back yard or leaving them for the state or county to take care of. Now you can have them cremated and dropped over the Neptune Memorial Reef. I doubt that this is an inexpensive alternative to a traditional funeral and burial, however. But it is “green”. So there you have it.