Eggs – No Longer Our Worst Enemy

Eggs Before and After Being Fried

Eggs! Remember a few years ago, when eggs were our worst enemy? If you wanted to live past the age of 23, you had to stay as far away from eggs as you possibly could. They were so chock full of cholesterol that your veins would be clogged before the egg hit your stomach. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have even made it to your stomach because so much of it was sticking to the inside of your arteries and clogging up your heart that there wasn’t enough left to get to your tummy.

But… eggs were cheap.

I just read an article in a magazine that’s full of articles about all sorts of stuff to do to have a healthy body. And guess what? One of their suggestions for breakfast is (drum roll, please) ……..EGGS!!

Today’s eggs are full of protein – a good thing – and just between you and me, I’ll bet yesterday’s eggs were also full of protein!

Today’s eggs have omega 3 fatty acids which is apparently a good thing as well. Do you think omega 3 fatty acids were missing from yesterday’s eggs? I’ll bet not!

Today’s eggs help you feel full longer so you’re not wanting to eat again till lunch time, saving you from more nasty calories entering your body.

BUT… today’s eggs are no longer as cheap as they were a couple of years back when they were considered unhealthy. Do you suppose these “new” ingredients in today’s eggs make them more expensive?

They didn’t recommend frying these eggs in bacon grease YET, but who knows, maybe in another year or two that will be the ideal way to cook your eggs. We can only hope!

Starting Your Holiday Projects

Christmas bows

I just saw an ad asking, “Have you started your holiday projects?” Wow, I hadn’t even thought of holiday projects yet but now I realize that Christmas is just five short months from today. This means we have 152 shopping days until Christmas! Or if you do “projects”, you only have 152 days to get them completed.

Every year I plan to have all my Christmas cards purchased, addressed, signed (with a little note of course) and stamped at the very latest by December 1st. This is, however, just a plan and not what actually happens. Usually, I’m lucky to have them done by the 15th of December.

As far as projects go, when my kids were small, I always made them something for Christmas. Usually I crocheted something, a vest or something for their dolls, a marble bag one year, filled with marbles. But now I’m usually lucky to get the shopping and wrapping done before Santa visits. In fact, last year I was finishing my wrapping on Christmas Eve!

The next thing they’ll be telling us to start making our New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe my resolution for this upcoming New Year’s should be to start my holiday projects no later than July 25th. Or at least to get my Christmas gift wrapping done by December 23rd!

Obama’s Healthcare Plan

It seems as if Obama’s healthcare plan may be in a bit of trouble. He’s in a huge hurry to get it passed before the August recess of the Senate and House. This is so that the opponents of the plan won’t have time to get their info out to the public and give the public time to realize that this plan may not be right for our country.

We’ve been to car dealers who operate this way. Hurry you up to make a decision, you MUST decide today or the offer is gone. We’ve found that you’re better off to stop and take a look at what is being offered so you can make a wise decision instead of just a fast unwise decision.

So with this healthcare plan, there’s no hurry to get it implemented other than to get it passed so that we don’t have time to see what we’re getting into. Which, in my opinion, is probably a big mess. On the other hand, if the new healthcare plan proves to be a good one or something that can be built upon, why all the hurry. Take the time to see what it involves and then decide if it’s a good thing or not.

Good healthcare plan or bad, there’s no reason to hurry into it without looking it over carefully and weighing all the pluses and minuses it has to offer. We rushed into the bailouts and now we’re regretting it. Let’s not do the same thing with Obama’s healthcare plan!

Florida Everglades Python Hunters

Burmese Python

Well, it seems the powers that be in Florida have started issuing permits to a few python hunters to allow them to go into the Everglades and hunt down the pythons that have taken up residency there. It’s believed that most of these pythons originally were set free by owners who no longer wanted them. They’re now reproducing and hurting the native population of other animals and birds that live in the Everglades.

Two such hunters went out there today and in three hours found one python, which they captured with their bare hands and brought back for euthanizing and studying. In order to learn where these snakes are gathering and other important information about their habits, such things as where the snake was caught, its size, gender and stomach contents are being catalogued.

Today’s catch was about 10 feet long and had been eating rats since that was what was found in its stomach. Others have previously been found with indigenous birds, an alligator, and even a deer in their stomachs.

Personally, I don’t think I’d care to go into the Everglades on foot for any reason, but especially not to chase down and catch a 10-foot python with my bare hands. No reward is given for a python’s capture, but apparently the python hunters are allowed to sell the meat and skins of the snakes they catch.

Thank You, Lord

Our daughter and son-in-law and three of their four children who are visiting us this week were in an accident on busy Interstate 4 in central Florida today. Another car had a tire blow out, bumped our kids’ van in the rear side, pulled back somehow and again bumped the side of our kids’ van, smashing in their side sliding door.

Somehow they managed to stay on the road, although the other car wound up in the ditch along the inside median of their 3-lane side of I-4. No one in either car was hurt, for which we thank God no end.

Now with three days to go before they were planning to return home, they’re hoping to be able to get their van repaired and back on the road. Their oldest son, age 8, was the most shook up because he was asleep when the crash happened and woke up to a shower of broken glass.

But they’re all fine, getting over the scare and starting to breath again. We think, if only they hadn’t stopped for gas or if only they had stayed a few minutes longer at the gas station, if only they’d gotten out the door a few minutes earlier or later, they might have missed being at the wrong spot at this time.

Then we begin to think, maybe they were saved from something worse. Who knows. Bad as it is, no one was hurt, the baby who would have been sitting in the seat next to the door that was mooshed was home with us and that seat was miraculously empty, and later, no one was swept away in the ocean (they were on their way to Clearwater Beach), they weren’t attacked by sharks (the youngest one’s fear last night), and they weren’t in a worse crash.

So thank you, Lord, for keeping them safe in a very unsafe situation.

New Uses for Ketchup and Vinegar


Did you know you can clean copper pots just by rubbing them gently with ketchup and then washing away all that old nasty tarnish. Now this makes one wonder, what is ketchup doing to the inside of our tummies. I suppose at least we don’t have any tarnish in there.

If you have leg cramps, some advice I’ve seen is to drink vinegar and water. I’m not sure what the proportions would be on this but I can’t imagine it’s a very tasty drink. And if you drink it right before bed as was recommended, you’d probably want to brush your teeth before retiring for the night. This would be a good thing though, getting rid of all the nasty stuff built up on your teeth during the day.

Don’t forget you can also wash your windows with vinegar and then dry them with newspapers instead of paper towels to reduce streaking. This also gets rid of some of those old newspapers and saves on paper towels.

So get busy!

Free Website for Surgery and Other Patients

A friend of ours is having brain surgery later this week (she has some small aneurisms that need fixed) and a website has been set up so that her family can simply put on there how things went and anything else they want friends and family to know. Everyone they want to be able to view the site were sent emails with the site address. Now they can read the updates and even get an email when a new update is added and by registering, friends and family can also leave comments.

This site is free for people who are having surgery or other health problems and want to stay in touch without having to email everyone personally. It is so if you find yourselves in these circumstances, empty nesters, have a look at it, or have someone in your family have a look, set up a site and be able to communicate easily with everyone at once.

Hopefully, you won’t need it, but if you do I think this would be a very helpful and efficient way to stay in touch with loved ones. They can send “comments” back as well to give the sick person or their family some encouragement.

Billy Mays and Gale Storm

The Grim Reaper

Well, it seems I was a bit mistaken on my last post. I inadvertently left out the death of Ed McMahon which threw off my mention of Hollywood’s three-death rule.

If we add Ed to the timeline previously created, we now have three deaths in one cycle – David Carradine, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett.

We have two more deaths to add today, to that of Michael Jackson. So now we have in the second cycle: Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and Gale Storm.

Billy Mays, 50, was the pitchman of all time, hawking such things as cleaning products and lately signing on with the Discovery Channel to do a show called “Pitchmen” about, what else, pitchmen. Gale Storm is a TV sitcom star from the 1950’s and was quite well known back then for “My Little Margie” and “The Gale Storm Show”. Most empty nesters will probably remember her. She was 87.

So I think I have my lists all up-to-date now and if they’re right, we may be finished with this rule for awhile. At least until another celebrity passes on.

David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett, 62, and Michael Jackson, 50, both died today although under very dissimilar circumstancs. Farrah succumbed to cancer after a 3-year battle during which she became almost a hero. They don’t seem sure what caused Jackson’s demise; it is under investigation.

Farrah went from pin-up girl status to someone with a lot of fortitude and determination to live as long as she could despite her illness and to give others in like circumstances courage to continue their fights as well.

Jackson went from being a child star to a rather goofy grown-up-little-boy-wannabe. Dangling his small son off a balcony, undergoing all sorts of medical procedures to alter his appearance, and of course being accused of horrific child molestation charges. It will be interesting to hear what caused his death.

Actor David Carradine passed away on June 3rd, about three weeks ago. An old superstition holds that when one celebrity dies, two more will soon pass away as well. I have tried to keep track of this over the years and it does seem to happen this way, for whatever reason. Now we have three to finish off this cycle – David, Farrah and Michael.

Getting a Second Opinion for Medical Problems

For those empty nesters who hate to get a second opinion for fear of making their doctor mad or are afraid insurance won’t pay for it, think again. There are several good reasons to get a second opinion and if your doctor is any kind of doctor, he/she shouldn’t be put off because you want to make sure what you’re hearing from him is right. Also there may be other ideas out there for treating what ails you, so go for it. And generally insurance will pay although you can always check ahead of time to be sure.

Here are some times when you should really get a second opinion:

  • If surgery is prescribed, see if another doctor agrees or if there are other options available that the original doctor may not have thought about 
  • If what you’ve been diagnosed with is a life-threatening condition, assuming you have time to make some decisions, get another opinion for help with these decisions 
  • If you keep going to the doctor and you’re not getting any better, look elsewhere for some help 
  • If your current doctor can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with you, seek help from someone else
  • If you and your doctor aren’t on the same wavelength and you don’t feel comfortable discussing your health with him or her, find a doctor you are comfortable with 
  • If you have lots of medical things going on at the same time, you may want to get help to sort it all out

Even if you don’t find any better healthcare suggestions, at least you can be reassured that what the original doctor wanted to do is probably right for your medical situation.