Water Woes

It has rained for almost two weeks straight here in Florida. We needed the water but we probably have enough by now.

According to some weather website, up until last weekend, we had had 22 inches of rain since the first of this year, and 18 of it since the first of May! Wow!

So everything is a bit soggy, the ponds and lakes are all full to overflowing and we’re just getting into the “rainy season”. My kids and grandkids are coming in July and if all it does is rain, they will not be happy campers. Of course, Florida even in the rain is better than being at work, I guess! There’s always shopping. Trouble is, no one has any money to spend.

Happy Memorial Day!

In memory of those who gave their lives....

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Memorial Day and in the midst of it, has time to stop and take a moment to think about those who have passed before, whether family, friends, or military. In this time of turmoil, our soldiers in the field are very important people and we need to remember what the current ones are doing for our country as well as what past military personnel have done for us.

So eat your hot dogs and hamburgers, but have a moment of silent prayer for those gone on ahead. We look forward to seeing them at some point in the future, when our turn comes to join their ranks.

Happy Memorial Day!!

National Do-Not-Call List

Cell Phones

I’m hearing that our cell phone numbers are going to be made public on the first of June. More good news, now telemarketers can get these numbers and call our cell phones, not only bugging the daylights out of us but making it so we have to use our minutes to listen to their drivel. As you can see I don’t want to get any of these calls.

So today I received an email from a friend with the number for the National Do-Not-Call List so I thought I’d pass it along. It is: 1-888-382-1222.

It’s necessary to call this number from each cell phone that you want to put on the list. However, it only takes 1:10 minutes (I looked at the phone when I was done to see) to do this. You have to press one a couple of times to get into the system (it directs you as to what to do) and then enter your cell phone number. That’s about it.

Saves you mintues which are money and lowers your blood pressure all in one easy step!!

magicJack Update

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that we had gotten a magicJack which is a telephone system that plugs right into the USB port on your computer and into your telephone and gives you phone service at a very reduced rate.

I thought I would let everyone know that it seems to be working well. I call my mother back in Indiana on it and sometimes we get a few seconds of dead air, but other than that it seems to work very well. If someone wants to leave a message, it goes right onto the computer, you get an email that it’s there and you simply click on it and hear your message.

Our daughter bought one to have an extra line for her virtual business. This way they keep the main line and have another at a very minimal cost for her to use with her business so she doesn’t have to give out her “home” number to clients.

Soak Up That Vitamin D for Better Immune Health

Sun Sparkle

To boost your immunity apparently Vitamin D can be very helpful. Especially on respiratory infections, Vitamin D is very important. Studies say that those with the lowest Vitamin D levels are 36 percent more likely to get the flu or have a cold. Yuck!

Plus they think that about 80 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. Without the Vitamin D, our bods don’t produce enough cathelicidin, which is a protein that help our immune system fight off these colds and flus.

And if you already have asthma, you’re at even greater risk since these researchers discovered that asthmatics were five times more likely to get sick without enough Vitamin D and those with COPD were twice as likely.

A blood test is available to see if you’re deficient in Vitamin D and they’re thinking of upping the recommendations from 200 to 600 IU per day to something more to help with this immunity thing.

So better get yourself some Vitamin D pills and/or get out in the sunshine more (use that sunscreen though, we don’t want to switch one illness for another).

Chinch Bugs, Go Away, Don’t Come Again Another Day

Chinch Bugs

I don’t know if Chinch Bugs are only in Florida, but I do know they ate a nice big chunk of our front yard. So now we’ve resodded it and then it has to be watered. Florida is finally starting to get a bit of rain but really not enough per day to give this poor sod even a fighting chance.

So out come the portable sprinklers so we don’t have to water the whole yard every day just to wet down the two chinch-afflicted areas. The portable sprinklers are attached to hoses so we leave them out until it’s time to mow and then, of course, they’re going to have to be drug back in and put back out after the mowing is done. This is going to take at least a month to root so pray for rain!

My brother in Indiana had so much rain, his yard was full and here we are, finally coming into our rainy season, and having to water new sod. At least the chinch bugs are gone. Now if the love bugs would just follow them, we’d all be happier. But that’s a story for another day.

Testing the Water

We just got a notice from our local Yahoo group that there may be a scam afoot in our little retirement community. It seems several residents (ourselves included) recently received official-looking mail offering to test the water in our homes. Apparently they are only interested in selling us something to fix our bad water, which they seem to be able to get from every faucet they test.

Well, I had already figured out in my own head that this was probably not connected with our water utility company although my husband thought it was. He takes things for their face value and trusts people too much I guess. It’s really too bad that we can’t do that anymore.

I’m sure this scam is going on all over the country, so even though you probably don’t live where I live, you live somewhere, and you too may be getting this mail that looks like it is very important and can do nothing but help you and save you from all the bad stuff in your water.

Well, it will probably not help you and there probably isn’t that much bad stuff in your water anyway. If you think there may be, contact your local water company and either they or someone reputable will come and test your water for you. Then you’ll be able to make a decision using legitimate information about your water, as to whether or not you need something to clean it up.

Just because we have an empty nest, we’re not stupid and I wish these people would figure that out!

Happy Mother’s Day

Kwanzan cherry tree

Happy Mother’s Day to all you empty nest mommies out there. Even though your nest may now be empty, you’re still a mother at heart! And as a lady at church used to say, even if you yourself never had any kids, you did have a mother, so happy mother’s day from that direction.

Although my kids aren’t in the same state as I am, I’m sure we’ll talk today and my mother isn’t in my state either, but we too will talk. What would we do without those trusty telephones? I don’t know how the pioneers did it, leaving everything behind and taking off out west, probably never seeing their families again, maybe only a letter once or twice a year.

Luckily we don’t have to worry about that today, we have telephones, videophones, email, texting, and even the old time snail mail to keep in touch with far-away relatives.

So have a Happy Mother’s Day please!

Personal Emergency Response System

For those of you empty nesters who may also be caregivers for older parents or others or some of you may yourself be the older parent, take a look at this article about the personal emergency response system and see what you think. My own mother has this medical alarm and it works well for her. She can hear them talking all over her apartment, although it is pretty small. But she had it while she still lived in her house and they could hear her there too. It wasn’t a huge place either, but had several rooms and roundabout doorways and walls and such. Made her feel better and that she wasn’t so alone.

Tax Woes

Here is something you may want to read, especially if you will have some earned income to claim on your tax return for 2009. It seems that all these wonderful tax credits that workers are getting may turn around to bite them when tax season rolls around next year.

For those with two jobs, they may be getting double the credit now but will have to pay it back at tax time. For married couples with both partners working, they may be getting more credit now than they will be allowed when taxes are filed next spring.

There seems to be some problems that may arise with Social Security beneficiaries who are gettitng the $250 check as well.

So read up on this and be prepared next spring to have to pay some of this credit back to the government.