Prostate Mathematics

I’m not sure what to make of the science behind the PSA test. Don’t get me wrong, I do get my regular blood test, but my recent bout with a Prostate Biopsy has at least educated me. Continue Reading

second honeymoon – rediscovering your partner

Like most empty nesters our children didn’t leave home all at once. It was a gradual process and I think we started to prepare mentally as our eldest child became more independent. We didn’t make huge changes in our lives then because we still had three children under our care but we did begin the journey of rediscovery. Continue Reading

attitude is everything

I have always been a great believer that your attitude is everything. There are constant reminders each day: the person who never gives up trying, the person who overcomes physical or health problems to lead a full and enriched life or the person who always seems able to handle life’s ups and downs. Your attitude shapes your life Continue Reading

Genealogy – 10 Tips to Get You Started

At some time in our lives we seem to need to look backward to our roots. I have worked on my family history for a couple of years now, mostly in the winter months. I can look back and see where I could have been better organized from the get-go. It would have saved me time and money. Following are some of my genealogy tips for preparation. Hopefully these tips will help you: Continue Reading

baby boomers — from buying machines to voting machines

Today I have been thinking about how I will vote in the upcoming 2006 mid-term elections. As a Republican, I haven’t had much practice at thinking about it. It has become clear to me that there are two major concerns on my mind, one short term and one long term. Continue Reading


  I recently downloaded Internet Explorer 7.0 onto my computer. Microsoft has a new feature called Phishing filters. Phishing is one of the most deadly on-line scams for those who are not really computer savvy. I know people who do not want their parents on-line because they are so gullible. Maybe it’s you; maybe it’s your parents, but there is a new scam artist in town and it is big business. It is called Phishing and the perpetrator can reside anywhere in the world. Continue Reading

empty nest

When your children leave home and you become an empty nester you have to face a significant change in your role as a parent and how you move forward in your marriage. Continue Reading

senior health with the silver sneakers program

In general, I don’t want to know about the word “senior”. You can leave that at college. But many empty nesters do have aging parents and they themselves will be seniors one day. An interesting program came to my attention while working at the Fitworks Fitness Clubs in Cincinnati last year. You won’t find it advertised Continue Reading