111-Year-Old Tuatara Becomes a Father

Henry, the Tuatara recently became a father at the age of 111. But you may be saying Henry, the what? Tuatara? Is that a remote island in the Pacific? Is it some sort of mysterious flu-like disease? Is it a planet in some other galaxy far, far away?

You can find out just what a Tuatara is by reading this article.

There is a picture of Henry here as well so you can see how good he looks for his age. A bit wrinkley but he’s probably been that way for a long time.

You’ve heard of Susan Boyle and her dramatic entrance into the singing world. Well, now it’s time to learn all you need to know about Tuataras. Sorry, they don’t sing!

Snowbirds and Black Vultures Begin Their Northward Trek


Snowbirds are starting to head north. It’s a lot quieter in Florida when they do! If they were to come back in the summer, I’m sure they’d be surprised at the difference themselves.

The Black Vultures who spend the winter here begin to head north at the same time. It’s really rather uncanny the way they all start to disappear at the same time.

They’re starting to have graduations in the area, especially college right now. It won’t be long before the high schools have their graduations too. We were eating out yesterday and some Prom-goers were there as well. So spring is here.

So once spring arrives, the summer vacationers are not far behind. They stay pretty much at the local attraction areas, Orlando (DisneyWorld, Wet ‘n Wild, etc.), Tampa (Busch Gardens, the beaches) and so forth.

It just makes you wonder who is holding down the fort up north.

No News That’s Fit to Print

Reading the Newspaper!

Empty Nesters, what’s next?

Today I’m hearing there’s a new flu in Mexico, could be a strain of swine flu, and is a hybrid flu besides. We could all die. Or not. Good grief!

They’re also saying that the Conficker Computer Virus that we were all warned about on April Fool’s Day didn’t really do much of anything then, but watch out! It’s probably on the prowl again and getting ready to do stuff now. Like sending spam from an unsuspecting computer. Doesn’t sound that bad, but I suppose there’s more to it that they’re not telling us just yet. Good grief!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has apologized to veterans for saying they might be right-wing extremists. She also thinks the 9/11 terrorists came in through Canada, but hello, that wasn’t the case. Shouldn’t she know this stuff? Good grief!

An 84-year-old man, Ted Mazetier, in Tacoma, WA, an empty nester no doubt, had to fight off carjackers. He stopped to help them with their supposed car trouble (doesn’t pay to help anyone anymore) and one of them punched him in the face and demanded his car keys, so he kicked that would-be thief in the groin and the other one in the belly. (I probably couldn’t get my foot that high, maybe I’d just kick them in the knee or shin.) Luckily, another passerby stopped to offer assistance (he didn’t realize this is how you get carjacked) and the bad guys took off. Thanks, second passerby and way to go, Ted! Good grief!

Well, that’s enough news for today. Have a great weekend! Just remember, stay out of Mexico, don’t turn on your computer, watch out for those veterans or better yet, watch out for Homeland Security Secretaries on the loose, and don’t stop to help anyone with a stalled car. But if you do, be sure to do your stretches first, so you can kick them in the teeth!!

Celebrate Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, 2009

Hello, Earth, how ya doin’? Hope you’re feeling OK. And by the way, Happy Earth Day to you!!

Did you do anything good for Earth Day today. Plant a tree or some flowers? Add some “green” light bulbs to your home light fixtures and lamps? Recycle your newspapers and plastic? (I do that every week.)

I hope we can keep this planet going a few thousand more years. It’s much too beautiful to let it fall into disarray.

It’s not too late to plant a tree on Earth Day. Actually you can plant that tree any old day, it won’t know the difference. Just do it and help save some atmosphere.

Can Survivor Survive? Does Anyone Care?

I just skipped over to the Content Quake Survivor site to see if there was anything new there. Perhaps something exciting about Survivor that I had missed. But actually there hasn’t been a new post in awhile.

Having watched all the Survivors since the first one, although I had to watch parts of that first one after the fact because I wasn’t really hooked until number two showed up, I can say that I totally understand why there are no posts in the Survivor blog. This season’s show is, in my humble opinion, the most boring Survivor they’ve ever had!

I can’t come up with one Survivor that I can root for to win. Being from Lakeland, Florida, like one of the Survivors, I at first was rooting for him. He was voted off awhile back, however, so I can’t have him as a favorite and he was not that great as favorites go, anyway. There was someone else I kind of liked for awhile and now I’m not even sure who it was. Sierra, maybe? I don’t know. I tried to like Coach but then he starts telling these tall tales that are just too much for me to accept.

So, I hope Survivor survives because as a rule, I’m a fan. But this group of Survivors could all jump in the ocean and it wouldn’t be any great loss to TV Land.

Britain’s Got Talent

If you haven’t yet seen this video, believe me, you’ll want to. I won’t ruin the surprise, just please watch it and see what you think. The performer’s name is Susan Boyle and I doubt that you’ve ever heard of her unless you live in the village where she comes from.

When the Ground Comes Up to Meet You

Hi, Empty Nesters. I was having a good day today. It was raining and I was on the computer messing around. I didn’t have a lot of work to do that HAD to be done, just stuff I wanted to do. Then my husband suggested that since it was raining and we couldn’t go for our daily golf cart ride to get the mail and air off the dogs, we’d go in the car and he could travel the route that he usually walks so he could see how many miles he was actually walking.

I also needed to put my bingo daubers on a table at the Clubhouse in order to save a place for my friend and I at bingo tonight, so this seemed like a good way to get that done too.

OK, so I have the daubers and my drink in my hand. Hubby has his dog already in the car so I’m trying to get Smokey to come and go out the front door with me but he thinks he should go out the back door because that’s where Dad and his sister went out. He finally came to me though so I picked him up too in the same hand with the daubers and my drink.

So I have my other hand to open the door, which opens out. I step down the three steps and suddenly my slickery-soled shoes hit the wet concrete driveway and I end up on my bottom! OUCH!! I hit the back of my head and my shoulder on the side of the van, my buns on the hard concrete floor and bit my tongue.

Smokey apparently flew out of my grasp as I only remember seeing him making a flying dash under the van. Hubby arrives and I tell him to get Smokey before he goes nuts and runs out in the road. I’m wondering at this point if I’m going to end up like Natasha Richardson with a bleeding brain and dead by morning.

I was able to get up and we went for our ride and I took my daubers into the Clubhouse and we got the mail. I’m not seeing double and my head doesn’t hurt so I guess my brain isn’t bleeding. But man does my butt hurt!

I managed to go to bingo and sit on their hard chairs for almost three hours without winning anything even. So when I came home I took some pain killer meds and it’s feeling a bit better now. I can’t see a bruise but I suppose that’s what has happened. I’m sitting on my folded up bath robe in the desk chair typing this, but I hate to think how it’s going to feel when I try to stand up again.

I had a bone density test a couple of weeks back and haven’t seen the doctor yet to get the results but if she says I need to take another pill because my bones aren’t dense enough, I’ll relate this tale of woe to her and let her know that they seem to have survived.

Now my husband is going to be telling everyone that the big crack that’s in the driveway and has been there for years is due to my falling on it. He even looked at the van to see if there was a dent (there wasn’t!).

Woe is me!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello House

Today, April 13th, 2009, is the 266th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson’s birth in 1743. He was quite a figure!

He married his wife Martha in 1772 and they went to live at Monticello.

Four years later in 1776, at the young age of 33, Jefferson drafted our Declaration of Independence. Not a small feat in itself!

In 1785, he was the Minister to France, following in Benjamin Franklin’s footsteps.

He was Secretary of State under President Washington in the early 1790’s.

When he missed being elected President by three votes in 1796, he instead became Vice President under President John Adams.

In 1801 though he finally became President himself and served for two terms, leaving office in 1809.

He died on the 4th of July in 1826 at the grand old age of 83, having contributed greatly to the creation of the United States’ government as we know it today.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson!!

Happy Easter!

Easter Lilly

I hope everyone has a happy and joyous Easter. Despite the poor economy, our salvation has already been bought and paid for by our savior Jesus Christ. All we have to do is accept this amazing gift!

Mahjong for the Masses

Hey, Empty Nesters, if you want something different to do and haven’t tried Mahjong, you might want to click on this free version from AARP. See if you like the game before you go out and buy yourself a Mahjong game of your own.

The rules are pretty much the same in a boughten game as they are in this free one. However, in the ones you purchase the tiles are much easier to see, there’s funky Oriental music you can choose to play or not while you play the game, and you can even play different Mahjong versions or have different lay-outs for your tiles. Oh, yes, you can even have different symbols or pictures on the tiles themselves as well.

It’s kind of addictive. You can time yourself and save your scores and then try to beat your old scores. There are many versions available but they’re all fairly inexpensive, especially when you consider all the hours of play you can have with it.

So go ahead, enjoy!